• Performing

    Performance is an integral part of Rittenhouse Sound. In addition to two main shows each year, Rittenhouse Sound also has dozens of other performances throughout the Philadelphia area. We often collaborate with other a cappella groups and choirs in the area as well.


    As the Philadelphia chapter of the Mid-Atlantic District of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), Rittenhouse Sound also competes in BHS division and district competitions. Many members of the chorus also form quartets that compete at these competitions.


    Another core aspect of Rittenhouse Sound is helping our members grow as musicians and performers. Eric's direction has taken the chorus to amazing heights, and the chorus is improving with each successive rehearsal. We have also had the good fortune to be coached by some of the finest vocalists in the country, such as Royce Ferguson, George Gibbs, Marty Lovick, and Steve Scott.


    In addition to personal growth, Rittenhouse Sound works to grow and refine the chorus' sound each week. While our members all have varying levels of experience, they all share a love of music and a passion for performing.


    Rittenhouse Sound is serious about performing and growing, but we're also serious about having fun! Our rehearsals are an enjoyable, stress-free environment where you can sense the camaraderie and brotherhood. Music often has a way of creating lifelong friendships, and Rittenhouse Sound strives to be that vehicle for the greater Philadelphia area.


    In addition, the BHS district and division competitions afford our members the chance to connect with other barbershoppers in the tristate area, leading to countless hours of singing together.